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1000 Toys for 1000 Kids Outreach Program

Kaloob Foundation, Inc. in partnership with LBC Hari ng Padala Foundation and McDonald’s Philippines, recently organized a gift-giving activity as part of their “1000 Toys for 1000 Kids Outreach Program” last January 17, 2024. The initiative aimed to bring joy to elementary students in two schools: Badiang Elementary School and Binaton Elementary School. A total of 1000 toys were donated, with nearly 600 distributed to Badiang Elementary School and the remaining toys given to Binaton Elementary School.

Representatives from the three Foundations, including Br. Mark Vincent Madronero (Director) and Ms. Melody Joy Lambojon (LBC HR Manager of Eastern Mindanao), took the lead in the event. The activity kicked off at 9 am at Badiang Elementary School, with the support of the Parish Priest of Divine Mercy Parish, Fr. Jay Hector Lituanas, and mission partners Jan Rina Jose, Lovely Jose Kiskisol, Jhun Dimas, and Noreen Jay Casteo Mamacos. The presence of Kaloob’s mission partner from Quebec, Canada, Mr. Marc Lepage, added to the excitement of the day. The team visited classrooms to distribute toys to students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

The school principals, Sir Jonathan Rellon (Represented by Mrs. Dalia Dimas) and Sir Eduardo Paller Jr. (with Mrs. Lecile Pellazo Reusora) were instrumental in making the event a success and made the team feel welcome. In the afternoon, the team traveled to Binaton Elementary School, located 11.5 kilometers away in the mountains. The school primarily serves students from the Indigenous Tribe called Bagobo-Tigabawa. The students’ warm reception, including handwritten letters and gifts of coconuts, vegetables, and fruits, left a lasting impression on the team.

The sight of children’s innocent smiles and laughter upon receiving the toys was heartwarming. It served as a reminder to be grateful for the simple things in life. The community’s gratitude for the initiative of the three foundations further emphasized the importance of education and building a better society for young Filipinos. The experience was truly unforgettable and marked the beginning of more meaningful encounters to come.

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