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It was a great experience to have an encounter last November 24, 2022, with the Scholars of the Kaloob Foundation, Inc. where we had the chance to introduce ourselves, share our experiences in terms of our studies, and listen to our stories and journeys. I think the best word to describe this encounter is “Listening”. Listening can inspire, encourage and motivate one another to continue and establish good relationships. I am actually surprised because, in the beginning, they were shy. However, later on, this shyness faded. I hope we have more time to share and encounter in the future. It’s fantastic! 

This encounter via zoom is not simply a meeting. But it’s more than that. It mirrors the future, on which the future lies in these scholars. What is amazing? The students are from different parts of the Philippine archipelago. And this only means one thing: the Kaloob Foundation’s scholarship program is widened and truly blessed. We are not focusing on one place but sharing the blessings of God with our promising students and future leaders through Kaloob Scholarship Program. Br. Adan Louie Flores, AA

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