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Mckenzie Sapuez, Social Work, University of the Philippines-Diliman

Growing up in a poor family, I realized that not everything in my life would be easygoing. There are circumstances in that I have to do a double, or even triple, effort to attain my goals. This is what I have seen from the way my parents have worked hard for me and my siblings. I’ve seen that they have perfectly embodied it, and it became my way of life as well – something that I especially apply in my education. When I was in elementary school, we couldn’t afford the tuition fee of a private school. My mom, who wanted me to have the best quality of education, worked hard for it. She became a school janitress – wiping floors and mopping corridors for me to be enrolled. If you put more thought into it, you’ll also realize that it is not just hard work – it is a pure act of love.

It is love that pushed her to work hard for me. That love is something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. I am currently in my second year as a Social Work student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. The academic struggle has always been real. The pandemic didn’t make anything easier as well – except for the fact that we did not have to attend physical classes and we are in an online set-up. Still, though, the pile of academic responsibilities has gone beyond the imaginable. But, remembering the love that my parents have for me, I am compelled to work hard. Remembering the friends who believe in me, I am striving to finish it all.

Remembering the gift of scholarship that the KALOOB Foundation bestowed upon me, I know that I am not alone in my struggle to attain my precious diploma. When I was about to enter college, I was worried about how I would get through with the additional expenses coming up. KALOOB came to my rescue, and the assistance I received from them really transformed my college life. My heart has always been grateful, and I will treasure the help they have given me for the rest of my life. Above all things they have blessed me with, I have never felt alone because I have always encountered the love of God through them – Macoy

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