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Three months ago, KALOOB began to make and sell Chili Garlic Oil, and dishwashing liquid. These products were marketed and received many orders from nearby areas such as ESCOPA and Marikina. KALOOB’s Chili Garlic Oil is a healthy and good appetizer that serves impressive benefits which include protecting the skin, boosting cognition, relieving pain, soothing inflammation, preventing chronic disease, strengthening the immune system, increasing heart health, aiding vision health, helping with weight loss, and relieve sinus congestion.

Aside from the Chili Garlic Oil, KALOOB also has its own inhouse made dishwashing liquid. It has proved to be quite a fast-moving product, because of its fragrance and its efficiency. Customers compliment the product, which also retails for an affordable price. It removes the oil from the plates and utensils”. The people who make and made the marketing of the products are from the ESCOPA community, and are also available at some Marikina market stalls and nearby stores here at Marilag, Project 4.

Our delicious products!
Ate Lorie is attaching the stickers on the bottles.
Nanay Ems washes the Chillis.

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