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Marytown Medical Mission 2022

The Kaloob Foundation became the instrument of God, His hand to reach out to the people of Marytown. The medical mission was successfully accomplished. Here, we can see the kindness of God via the benefactors and donors who serve as the blessings to others and the Kaloob Foundation which became the channel of these blessings.

 Yes indeed! The blessings of God are like bread that everyone can share together. The multiplication of loaves is truly happening if we will all work together. No measurements, no limit, and the most important thing is our presence with the people.

 I discovered this experience as a memorable moment. A Filipino spirit is really manifesting through action and internationality is seen in unity in diversity. As part of the team, this is my short joyful Experience at Kaloob Foundation. I discovered that, in experience, we don’t limit ourselves but rather go wider and go beyond the alps. Because we are all instruments of God in unique and different ways for people who really need help.


We usually connect this program of being for the poor with works of mercy. In the Gospel of Evangelist Matthew, emphasizes our obligations to the “least of these”:

  • feed the hungry
  • give drink to the thirsty
  • welcome the stranger
  • clothe the naked,
  • care for the sick
  • visit the imprisoned.

The church traditionally adds a seventh, to bury the dead. And we also include the so-called spiritual works of mercy which

  • instruct the ignorant
  • counsel the doubtful
  • admonish sinners
  • suffer wrongs with patience
  • forgive willingly
  • comfort the afflicted and
  • pray for the living and dead.

These are concrete ways in which the church can be for the poor, providing material and spiritual goods that are otherwise lacking.

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