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The Missionary Procure of the Assumption, based in Paris, France, is an association under the law of 1901, that supports the works of the Assumption, which wishes to be present in places where “God is threatened in man and man is threatened as an image of God” (Assumptionist Rule of Life). It is also the link of a vast community of prayer, and publishes a quarterly “The Assumption and its works”.

Kaloob Foundation is happy and proud to collaborate with the mission of La Procure. To know this association better, see the projects below which they supported!

Super Typhoon NORU devastates the Philippines

Super typhoon Noru hit the Philippines on Sunday, September 25, 2022. Its passage with ultra-violent winds caused severe flooding and the destruction of homes. The Assumptionists are organizing to develop solidarity with the precarious populations affected by these repeated climatic catastrophes. Click here to know more!

Operation Solidarity: A Christmas for the Victims of Super Typhoon Rai

Classified as category 5, typhoon Rai violently hit the central and southern parts of the Philippine archipelago on Thursday 16 December, taking with it the lives of 375 people. The super typhoon Rai has just hit the islands of Visayas and Mindanao (Philippines) with full force. A category 5 storm with winds of over 150 kilometers per hour! 300 000 people had to evacuate their houses and take refuge in the mountains. The damage is unprecedented: infrastructure and houses destroyed, crops flooded, roads and bridges washed away by landslides … The torrential rains and dramatic floods endanger many families in the plains and near rivers. Click here to know more!

Solidarity operation in the Philippines

In the Philippines, small farmers are in a particularly precarious situation. Subject to the vagaries of the climate, natural disasters, and inflation, the slightest accident in life places them in great distress. A common solution is for them to take care of cows that we lend them and as they are raised, their value increases. In case of need, the cow is sold and 75% of the profit goes to the farmer. As for the calves, they can be sold every year, bringing additional income to the family. A system for which the poor families are grateful, but which is barely sufficient. Click here to know more!

To know them better, click La Procure!

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