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Part of the mission of the KALOOB Foundation during the Summer Youth Camp with the two French scouts Jolane Pessel and Valentine Carre in Digos City was to bring a few medicines and medical supplies to the GKKs (Gagmay’ng Kristohanong Katilingban or Basic Ecclesial Communities) where they would stay and interact. Unfortunately, these medicines arrived late because of luggage issues at the airport. Thankfully, this was distributed on August 27, 2022, during the meeting and formation of Zone 1 (composed of the rural GKKs where Kaloob had the mission) in Sitio Maguise, Barangay Soong, Digos City. In the picture were Rev. Fr. Cristopher Quinal, AA, the Assistant Parish Priest of the Divine Mercy Parish and the Parish Coordinator of Kaloob Foundation; Rev. Joseph Thien Le, AA; Assumptionist Novice Jundelle Jalique; Ms. Annalyn Olequino, part of Parish Pastoral Team and Head Catechist; and the Zone 1 GKKs presidents. 

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