Become volunteer

become volunteer

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Do you want to give your time and invest for a solidarity mission? Looking for an internship with our association?  Become a volunteer! Kaloob needs you!

 Prompt volunteering

1899874_1409636662618526_1174242103_n    img_1288

     Geoffroy et Joanna, volunteered after typhoon Yolanda               in helping to the victims.






Team Project


Six young medical students came to help for a hygiene awareness project.
And the team of Scout of St Dié des Vosges, volunteered for the construction of the drainage for the canal in Piat. 



thibault-et-louna  anais 

Thibault and Louna, did their practium for the project management of the construction of toilets in Tacloban. And Anaïs helped to develop Kaloob’s communication.






Volunteering in International Solidarity

                  jeremie      camille

Jérémie, served as the coordinator of Kaloob in VSI for 2 years.
Camille, is in charge of communication and health program in VSI for 1 year.