Presentation of the program

OBJECTIVE : To relocate the victims of Typhoons and provide them with better living conditions.

Kaloob is fully involved with the population of Piat and Tacloban. These regions are regularly affected by at least 20 typhoons that visit the Philippines each year. 
The association is not only building appropriate houses for the victims but is building them in more secure places as well. The aim is to protect people as much as possible from the damage caused by natural disasters.
In collaboration with the benefactors, Kaloob is implementing sustainable projects to improve their quality of life, such as: construction of water towers, toilets and easy access to drinking water.

realized projects



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In 2010, 38 families were living near  rivers. To prevent these families from the risk of typhoons, Kaloob relocated the residents to a safer area with better homes.

The water tower


In 2015, a water tower was built in the town o Piat where 38 families now enjoy easy access to drinking water. In a spirit of continuity, a water association was formed to involve the local inhabitants in collecting  funds and maintaining the tower.



In 2014, after Typhoon Yolanda, the project to rebuild 50 houses was born. Kaloob wanted to go even further by re-launching the economic activity of traders and farmers (by creating different livelihood programs such as  hairdressing salons).




In order to prevent disease, in 2016, 45 toilets were built. This project resulted in the decrease of health problems and  the improvement of the living conditions of the population.

Future Projects

A water tower in Piat

chateau-deau-dessinConcerning this project, we wish to help in the district of Piat, which is deprived of water and electricity.

In collaboration with the mayor of Piat, who will supply the electricity, Kaloob wants to undertake the construction of a water tower. Our association will provide  professionals and continue to involve the benefactors.

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Access to water in Tacloban


Now that the community of Tacloban has been supplied with toilets that meet their sanitary needs, Kaloob wants to implement a project for easy access to drinking water.

This project will greatly improve their living conditions but especially their health.



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Ricardo Calines, barber in Tacloban.

After the typhoon Yolanda, many people lost everything, their homes, their work and for some even family members.coiffeur

He said : ” To start all over again is very difficult when you have nothing left “.

Thanks to the project of reconstruction of houses in Tacloban, Ricardo, was able to rebuild his house. We also want to help him to make his dream come true which is having his own hair salon. Hence, he was able  to start a new life but much more  still needs  to be done to give him and others the life that every human being deserves.

« Everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living for the health and well-being of himself and his family, in particular for […] housing […] the right to security […] In the event of loss of livelihood as a result of circumstances beyond its control. » Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.