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OBJECTIVE : To prevent the risk of diseases and increase accessibility to health programs by bringing quality care.

Kaloob aims to make accessible and bring quality care.
The slums where we operate are mostly occupied by large families living in very small areas that serve as shelters, close to their jobs. But unfortunately, this precarious life is related to their lack of access to health programs. Diarrhea, cholera, malaria or respiratory diseases affect these people.
Kaloob organizes hygiene awareness campaigns and medical missions in collaboration with other partners.

Finalized project

Awareness campaign

For Kaloob, the improvement of the population’s health is focused on prevention.

The goal is to reduce risks associated with the most common diseases, such as: flu, cholera, typhoid fever, dengue fever, hepatitis …

For this reason, various hygiene preventive awareness campaigns have been organized in different communities.

Specifically in 2016, six young medical students intervened to educate children about hand, and dental hygiene.  This also included adults on first-aid techniques.

Dental Mission

Alice, Aude, Laurine, Guillaume, Tiphaine, Pauline, étudiants en médecine à Nantes, rencontrent les enfants de Piat, ville située au nord de l'archipel des Philippines.

Act on the dental state of the children living in the slum from Marytown

After identification of needs with the inhabitants of the slum, Kaloob noticed that dental hygiene was one of the most alarming problems.

Thanks to a partnership created with Virlanie, a dental mission was able to be born. Since the end of March, 2017, the team of Kaloob accompanies the children at the dentist.

Without counting the quality care which are lavished on them, the children benefit from a dental prevention and from a regular follow-up.

Medical Mission

  Bringing support and easy access to health programs is one of our priorities.

Due to financial constraints or the inability to relocate, some people do not have the opportunity or accessibility to proper care.

Thanks to the cooperation of our partners, a medical team offers its services to the residents in Escopa. Once a year, health professionals provide medical check ups also and offer medications free of charge according to their needs.

In order to fulfill the needs of the residents in the neighborhoods where we work, the medical mission still is a project to develop further.

future project



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Health Development Program


The right to health implies access to health services. This program will focus on the people living in two slums of Manila where Kaloob works. The 15,000 people living in Marytown and Escopa have little access to health due to lack of financial resources. We want to give its residents access to health and prevent risk of diseases.

The first step is to identify their needs: a health survey will make it possible in order to have an idea of the complaints and requests of each individual.

Secondly, after the analysis and study of the results, we will appeal to partners and health professionals to help us. Depending on the needs, we will purchase the materials and medicines necessary for the proper functioning of the program.

Finally, the aim of this project is to coordinate a medical team in these two slums, on a regular basis. Preventive campaigns will be carried out such as vaccination of children.

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Maria Teresa et her twins

In the slums many people are deprived of financial resources to meet their own needs. As a result, health for many is secondary. Sometimes the expense is impossible to assume in case of illness. This population for the most part does not enjoy access to health programs, which they should have.maman et ses jumeaux

“My financial resources are low, and when my boys get sick, I have difficulty taking them to the doctor.”

The development of the health program will benefit Maria and her twins to get the basic care they need. 

 «Enjoying the highest possible standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being […]»  WHO Constitution (1946). 

«Everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living for the health and well-being of himself and of his family […]» Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.