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OBJECTIVE : Provide assistance when natural disasters occur.

When a typhoon hits,  Kaloob is committed to go to the place and identify the degree of damage in order to provide the primary needs to the victims.
After the Typhoon hits the area the population is deprived of water, electricity and food. Our association makes every effort to help them, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Thanks to an emergency fund we bring them water, food, and clothes.
Beyond this dimension, we also try to be supportive and attentive by listening and accompanying the victims in their struggles and fears.







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The Philippines is the third country in the Asian area most affected by natural disasters. Kaloob’s mission is to help the victims.
Since the creation of Kaloob, we have been helping in different regions of the Philippines, in Cagayan and Visayas to be more specific.
Facing the damage caused by typhoons, the emergency help is always present. In 2013, after the super typhoon Haiyan, which caused the death of 5,000 people, our association brought food and support to the survivors. Subsequently, our team invested in the reconstruction of houses in the place.
The priority of our emergency program is to provide access to water, electricity, food and decent housing.


our interventions

Delivery of water
livraison eau
Installing a new generator

nouveau générateur

Food delivery



Mary Ann, living in Piat20161106_131953

In November 2016, a typhoon hit the town of Piat, which caused a lot of material damage.

The first of the consequences of this natural disaster was the power outage. Since the water tower works with a generator, the inhabitants are found without water. Faced with this distress, they had no choice but to go and buy water in the city.


Mary Ann says a few words: “Going to buy water every day to eat and drink was very expensive and binding for us. With the new generator that Kaloob installed us, the water came back and everyone is relieved ! “.