Presentation of the program

OBJECTIVE: To offer a future for underprivileged children by ensuring access to education.

Education is a fundamental right for the development and self-fulfillment of childfren. It allows the acquisition of the knowledge and intellectual capacities necessaries for their future life. 
However, almost half of the Filipino children do not go to school because of the lack of financial means.
For equal opportunities and to offer a chance to children to get out of poverty, Kaloob works directly with young people by creating scholarships and special educational programs in the slums.




All children must be able to benefit from the same opportunities to build a future, allowing them to have better social and professional integration.

received_1307277396060310 Kaloob wants to make education accessible to the most disadvantaged children. For this reason, we fund scholarships to motivate young people who do not have the chance to pursue higher education as they would like.

Funds are provided for college and university thus providing  significant savings for the families.


Kaloob intervened for the youth of Piat and Tacloban after the powerful typhoons Ketsana and Yolanda respectively in 2014. After loosing everything, the families had no means to finance the studies of their children. Our association has been keen to respond to these devastated areas.

Currently, we fund scholarships to 20 students through graduation for a period of 4 years.

Since the creation of the project, 95% of the students who have received the scholarship have graduated.


Educational activities

Education allows a child to flourish, and develop his or her own personality and identity.

danse des jeunes

Since 2010, Kaloob has been accompanying children from the slums of Maytown and Escopa through various educational programs:

  • Workshops where different topics are discussed: awareness of drug abuse, ecology, religion …
  • Artistic and educational activities are organized: swimming, games, guitar lessons, singing, dancing, school tutoring and visiting the elderly.
  • Summer camps: once a year, outside of Manila around twenty young people leave for several days to escape from the precarious life of the slum. We offer them during this time: sports and cultural activities, group discussions and moments of sharing. The last summer camp was held in Tabuk, in the Cagayan Valley region.
  • • A Christmas celebration takes place every year. With activities such as: meetings, sharing, games, gifts, shows prepared by groups of young people, and Christmas dinner.

We try to inculcate the youth with values such as tolerance, respect, kindness and open-mindedness through various activities.

scolarship30 scholarships for the year, 2018

•We offered 10 more scholarships to the youth in order for them to have access to higher education. But it has a cost. Kaloob agrees to finance the studies of the youth for a period of 4 years, until graduation. 

But it has a cost. Kaloob agrees to finance the studies of a young person for a period of 4 years, until graduation.

The expenses of one student are as follow: 10,000 Ph pesos per year/ or 200 €/year or 20 € per month (the school year comprises 10 months).

Therefore we appeal to SPONSORS AND DONORS in order to provide at least one scholarship, this will cover his/her studies until the student finishes College.


children-mousquetaireTo continue with different activities among the youth in the slums

• Summer camps: it will allow 20 or 25 young people to go on holiday for a few days.

Cost of travel/youth = 60 $

• Activities and outings: many things are done to provide them with a breath of fresh air.

Cost/child/year = 80 $

To continue making our activities possible, please MAKE A DONATION.


Mari Wibberley Alapoop, University Student

Mari is a second year student of accounting at Saint Paul’s School. She comes from a family of 8 brothers andstudent-scolarship sisters. Her father died and her mother is unemployed. Her wish is to go to university and try to have a better future. To allow this motivated young girl to continue her studies, Kaloob is financing her school until she graduates.


Mari briefly explains : “After the typhoon, my family had no money left for me to continue my studies, but thanks to the scholarship from Kaloob, I will be soon graduated!”


« Everyone has the right to education […]; access to higher education must be open in full equality to all on the basis of merit.» Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.