Summer Camp 2017

This year's summer camp was a real success!

The youth from Marytown enjoyed this few days.

The summer camp began with a spiritual retreat that was organized and facilitated by the Brothers of the community. Several activities have been proposed. On Friday evening, a vigil was prepared around the Taize prayer, followed by the adoration.

After that, we went to Wawa, a natural reserve, in the Rizal area. A soothing place, within a generous nature and ideal for discovery and fun. The young people liked it very much.

Dental Mission

March 30th, 2017
Dental treatment

That's it! We began the dental treatment for the children !

We went on Thursday to the cabinet which is in the premises of the Virlanie fundation.

Before beginning the care, the dentist, made them a prevention for dental hygiene. All the children and the moms were very attentive. After that, the children passed each their turns to be looked and showed a lot of courage. The moms and the children left with a toothbrush and a toothpaste in security of encouragement.

The dentist has the merit to be very patient and has the real relational capacities with the children.

As a result, this day took place very well and we all returned delighted.

The objective is to renew this experience twice a month.

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March, 22th 2017

To insure a good working of the dental mission, we went to Marytown to select the first children who will benefit of treatments.

Unsurprisingly, many children have the truth needs in regard to dental treatment. Most of children have a lot of caries who are for the most part very painful.

From next week, we shall go with the children in the new dentist's clinic to dispense them the care.

March, 18th 2017
Inauguration of the dental clinic

At the dental mission approaches; on Saturday, March 18th, we celebrated together the inauguration of the dentist's surgery which took place in the premises of the Virlanie association.

We were all gathered this day for a single cause: improve the dental state, so of health of the Philippines, by making accessible quality care for the people the most deprived.

Several people were present for this event: the Ambassador of France of the Philippines, Thierry Mathou; the president and the vice-president of Virlanie, Dominique Lemay and Laurent Goirand, Dr Jean-François Michel and his wife, at the initiative of this project, Béatrice, a young dentist,  completely committed also and many others ...

In the stemming from the famous cut of ribbon, we discovered a dentist's surgery which exceeded our requirements.

The advances of the water project

February, 20th 2017

The project of water to Tacloban moves forward to big step!

For the advance of this project, 3 students of the school Tecomah (via the association RES' EAU) came to join our team at the beginning of January.

They completely invested for 1 month to make the technical study of the water.

To  insure the sustainability of this project, they were able to realize a quality work which will benefit at best the inhabitants of Tacloban.

Potable water project in Tacloban



January, 2nd 2017 

January 17 to February 14 , we are going to welcome 3 students specialized in water to finish the technical study of the potable water project in Tacloban.

Their association (Res'eau) is a partner of Kaloob since 2014 for the potable water project in Piat. Together, we made a drilling and a water tank.

To read the whole report, click here.

Help us on this project, 100 000 pesos (2 000 $) left to be collected.



Christmas party

 December 15th, 2016

Like every year, we organized a Christmas Party for the children of Marytown and their families to give them the opportunity of celebrate Christmas.

Everybody laughed and enjoyed the party. There were funny games, artistic performance, quiz and of course a christmas meal. Thank you for the children and youth and thank you also for all the volunteer working the whole year with these children.

Help us to finance the Christmas party: 1 000 pesos or 20 $ provide the Christmas party for one family.

Typhoon Haima


October 28th, 2016

Super typhoon Haima, reached the northern part of the Philippines Wednesday, October 19.

12 persons lost their life and thousands their houses. With winds blowing more than 225 km/h, heavy rains, landslides, between 50 000 to 60 000 hectares of rice fields have been flattened and flooded.

Last week Kaloob team went to Piat after the Typhoon Haima.

Thanks to you, we could purchase and install the electric generator to restart the water pump. We also taken advantage of our move to bring them food and give a helping hand to repair their houses.

Unfortunately, we also found that many people are still in a very precarious situation.