Our association

Our mission


Kaloob pursues the idea that in society every person should be able to have access to primary needs, which we provide :
√  Housing
√  Access to drinking water
√  Access to health
√  Access to education


The beneficiairies are an integral part of our programs.


Our vision

Forming leaders

Help people become independent and able to take initiatives in their lives


«Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese proverb.


Building communities

Promoting teamwork and mutual help between people


« Alone we go faster together we go further.”  African proverb.


Our values

Kaloob supports values that are crucial to the life of every human being :

• Provide support to the most vulnerable : Kaloob is pro-active in improving the living conditions of the poor by offering them dignity and equal rights.
 A supportive and sustainable world : we strive to create solidarity and responsible communities in order to continue and sustain the long term projects. To do this, the beneficiaries are constantly integrated in different projects.
• Personal development : putting people at the heart of our concerns is one of our priorities. We promote the development of communities enabling everyone to have the means and to take charge of their own future.
• Respect : respect for the people and their individual needs is the fundamental approach towards our benefactors, donors and partners.
Transparency and trust : our association provides easy accessibility to the management of our resources and provides confidentiality to donors and beneficiaries. We are committed to achieve our promises and obligations.