New projects in Tacloban

With the new two volunteers who are especialist in humanitarian management project, Kaloob will be able to have water and sanitary projects. These projects will be in Sitio Anido village in Tacloban City in the Leyte Island. The village has 52 houses, built by Kaloob after the typhoon Yolanda. Kaloob wants to continue helping this community of 270 inhabitants.

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Problems that have been observed:

  • No access to potable water
  • Few rest rooms which are in bad state
  • No system of collecting waste
  • Lack of education in sanitary awareness

All these facts explain the frequent sickness of the population and they endanger the well being of the people. These facts prove as well the spreading of mosquitos and illnesses they can cause.

Goals of the projects:

  • Give access to potable water for the survival and the development of the people of Sitio Anido
  • Promote a clean and healthy environment for living, while respecting their privacy and educate them to have good habits
  • Reduce the spread of diceases and mosquitos
  • Ensure the health and safety of the beneficiaries
  • Inform the people about the healthy and sanitary procedures

Different projects:

  • To build a water tank that will provide potable water to the population
  • To build distribution areas of water with filters
  • To build 40 rest rooms with dual-chamber septic tanks
  • To build an area for collection, recycling, and destruction of waste
  • To educate the community in healthy issues

See the whole report: click here

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Christmas Party 2015

We organized the Christmas Party like every year for the youth of Marytown and their families to give them the opportunity to celebrate Christmas. 

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Everybody laughed and enjoyed the party with funny games, artistic shows, quizzes and of course Christmas dinner. Thank you to the youth and the children of Marytown and also thank you to all the volunteers for making this possible.
To support our projects, you can give a donation (500 pesos or 11 dollars to support one youth each year for a Christmas party)

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Typhoons, the worse enemy of the Philippines

2 typhoons crossed the Philippines the 3rd week of December. The typhoon Melor (local name Nona) was category 3; it caused flooding, landslides and storm surges. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated. A 1.2 million people were left without power; many houses and other buildings were destroyed. Around forty people were killed.

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The Philippines is hit by at least 20 typhoons a year, many of them are deadly. Most of the strongest typhoons occurred towards the end of the year. With the global warming, the number is increasing and its power as well.

We have a Typhoon Program, and the goals are:

  • Create an emergency fund and act fast after a typhoon hits

  • To provide the basic needs (water, food, blankets, etc.)

  • To help the population to build new houses and

  • To help the affected people to restart their economic activities.

The people of the Philippines are in need of any help you can provide, “help us to help them”.
Your donation can make a difference in their lives.

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Events, concert dinner for a cause

The Augustinians of the Assumption organize a dinner concert for the 10 years of the community’s foundation in the Philippines. The Assumptionists established 8 years ago Kaloob to organize solidarity programs.

The profits of the concert dinner will serve to finance the projects of Kaloob for 2016. To know more about the projects and the budget for 2016, click on this link:

Projects and budget 2016

To have more information about the dinner, you can go on the Facebook page “10th foundation Anniversary” or click on this link:

10th foundation Anniversary

You can also contact Kaloob on Facebook or by email (indicated hereinbelow).

To receive an invitation by email or by mail, send a message on the email address: kaloob.manila@gmail.com

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Help us to help

Volunteer job with the brothers of the assumption in Piat

We went during 11 days in Piat (Cagayan) to help some people to build their houses for a relocalisation project. This project creates by the mayor office will enable to rehouse 50 families. Now this families live close to the river (Cagayan River) but the river extend and the zone become dangerous. In case of typhoon, some houses could be destroyed. The population will live in the new area, Kaloob already rehoused 38 families in 2010 and also built a water tank. The water tank will enable to install potable water in this new neighbourhood.

New volonteer for Kaloob

Jérémie is the new volonteer to remplace Louis for the next two years. His responsibility is to manage the différent projects and to deal with communications and fund raising for the Kaloob Foundation.

After discover the différent working-places of Kaloob in Quezon City, he went to Piat in the neighbourhood of Villa Pagasa.

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2 new projects in Piat, summer 2015.

The first in July was realized with the help of a boy scot team of La Celle Saint Cloud, near Paris. Together we have dig a second canal for the rain's water in Villa Pagasa neighborhood.

The second project was realized between the 7 and 23 August, with a boy and girl's scout team from Nantes (Britain). During this period we have realized a playing ground area for the kids of Villa Pag-Asa, wich permit to the children to play in a safety area and to develop themself.

To see the pictures of the project, click on the picture.

Volunteers of Kaloob, years 2014 - 2015

Today, you can discover the work accomplished by the Kaloob volunteers in the Philippines.

In two years, it's already 13 volunteers who come to help and share their different knowledge for the projects of Kaloob.

The volunteers are coming from different places and from different schools but they all decide to come in the Philippines to help the Filipino.

In two weeks, between middle of July to end of August 2 teams will come to also participated to the Kaloob's projects.

To read the article, click on this link : The Kaloob's volunteers.

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Welcome to Kaloob Website!

Kaloob is a foundation created by the Philippine Delegation of the Augustinians of the Assumption. It supports solidarity programs in various areas, giving priority to the formation of leaders within the communities where services are rendered.

Kaloob supports:

Emmanuel d’Alzon Scholarship for Leadership and Service

  • Scholarship programs for young people in marginalized areas.

Relocation Program in Piat

  • Rehabilitation and Relocation programs for the victims of natural catastrophes in the North-East of the Philippines.

Emergency Fund

  • Emergency relief for the victims of typhoons trying to monitor the action of local communities and the development of leaders in said communities.

Assumption Language Center

  • A Language Center to permit to Future Asian Leaders from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand ... to follow an oriented formation corresponding to their need giving them the opportunity to follow their studies.

Martin Yen Residence

  • A residence to host the Asian students, it permits a holistic approach for the practice of the language in daily situations.


  • A presence in this marginalized area with the goal to open a host center open seven days a week with social and educational activities for children, teenagers and mothers.

The foundation is lead by an International team of volunteers and experts in the field of Education, Administration and Development